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Gamete & embryo transportation

Sometimes you need to transport something extremely important – your embryos or gametes, but finding a responsible embryo transport may become a complicated challenge.

The reasons may vary. Some people want to change the clinic because of the disappointment by the treatment results or losing the connection with the physician, another change the country because of the job and would like to continue treatment in local facilities. It may be caused by legal restrictions   in the first country (surrogacy, for example), with no limitations in another one. The patients do not want to depend on one clinic for the whole life, and it is correct: everyone must have a right to choose.

In all these cases patients need to find embryo transports for their gametes or embryos from one clinic to another with the highest demand for safety. Whether material is moved to another street or another country is no matter. The gametes and embryos are priceless and very often irreplaceable. It is a frequent situation when the embryos are not numerous, if a person gets chemotherapy, the cells will become sole.

That is why it is better to entrust to the professionals in embryo carry. We will bring you material from door to door, from clinic to clinic with maximum safety. We use special mobile dry shippers which keep the temperature of liquid nitrogen (-196 C) for one month. Of course, a standard trip is much shorter but precaution is never redundant.

We do not approve sending the biological material via post in a parcel. It can be damaged, lost or delivered not in time. Only embryo carrying by a special courier can guarantee the material will be brought safely and timely.

Our medical couriers are with the dry shipper for 24-hours. If the air flight is necessary, the dry shipper will be placed in the cabin (not in the luggage) preventing it from any harm. The X-raying will also be avoided because biological samples are very sensitive to irradiation.

We know all the details of customs clearance and will manage with the necessary papers.

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