European Center for Human Reproduction European Center for Human Reproduction
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Case management

European Center for Human Reproduction specializes in consulting all categories of intended patients about their reproductive rights and possibilities. We advise the people how to realize their dream of becoming parents in a soon and cheap manner.

The legislation concerning infertility treatment differs greatly and many methods of infertility overcoming are available abroad. But very often people do not know about these opportunities or are afraid of coming abroad, language barrier or other. There are more complicated cases, when spouses are citizens of various countries or they have embryos, eggs or sperm in a third country.

Very often intended parents are denied for treatment in the country of residence due to their age or illness.

We make the full expertise of your case and elaborate the plan of its solution, advising where to come and what lab to apply. We are not affiliated with any clinic or center and base ourself on the intended parent' interest only.

If you have chosen the country, clinic or program or in the process of treatment, but would like to ensure if your decision is the best, we will analyze your case and give recommendations what to point your attention at.

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