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Cohabiting couples

Cohabiting couples are now become more and more widespread. It is relations when people being in fact spouses do not formalize there marriage. The reasons may be different but sometimes the reproductive rights for such couples vary from the married couples.

For example, in Germany or Switzerland people must be married to be able to use donor sperm. Surrogacy is possible for officially married couples in India or some states of USA.

In that case such people have to be treated as a single woman which limits greatly the reproductive rights of the couple.

The most severe situation is for homosexual couples which do not have opportunity to marry officially in many countries. Lesbians can be treated as single women, but gay usually do not have any reproductive rights.

So very often leave the legal framework and start treatment informally or come abroad to a countries with less strict rules.

 We, European Center of Human Reproduction, consult all the categories of intended parents about their reproductive rights. We will advise a country and a clinic or agency which suits your demands in a best manner. The full legal expertise of your case will be performed and intended parents will get the detailed information about possible variants of treatment.

We strongly believe that everyone has a right for parenthood.

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