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Surrogate motherhood is a widespread method of overcoming severe infertility. Although it is illegal in some countries, there is a high demand for it, so intended parents overpass thousands of miles and state borders to make their dream come true.

For single men or gay surrogacy is the only option to have a baby.

There are a great variety of offers. Many agencies, clinics, centers propose this service rivaling in prices, terms and details.

But surrogate motherhood is a complicated process including many participants, medical and legal features which are unclear to a uninitiated person even when everyone is conscientious. The are no two identical surrogate programs. Unfortunately, there is a place for fraud because treatment is based on trust and the average price is rather big.

So, very often an intended parent gets acquainted with the program sequence not beforehand but at the time of. This is fraught with misunderstanding or disappointment.

That is why it is useful to consult with an independent company. Our European Center for Human Reproduction provides surrogate motherhood counselings. We will make a surrogacy audit of your case, will read your contract point by point and preserve you from troubles. We make surrogate motherhood expertise and will focus your attention on slippery moment which are usually not paraded. How will be the delivery organized? Who will pay in case of complications? - questions like these are often not even questioned, to say nothing about honestly answered.
We are not affiliated with any clinic or agency so we are always at your side.

We specialize in reproductive medicine surrogacy counseling and have a vast experience in medical and especially legal part of the treatment. 

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