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When a single woman wants to have a baby she will use donor sperm. It is widely offered at the market and there is a great choice. It is possible to take a dose from the clinic, to buy it in the sperm donor banks or to ask a man of her acquaintance to become a donor.

A potential intended parent points her attention on the characteristic of a potential donor (phenotype, age, occupation) sparing a little notice to the quality questions to say nothing about legal consequences.

Our European Center of Human Reproduction specializes in counseling of intended parents and audit of the IVF-treatment. We are a consulting company whose mission is to be independent expert in reproductive sphere explaining all the details to the parents.

It can happen that, for example, if you order sperm in a foreign bank, you will be unable to use it because according to the law of your country anonymous sperm donation is prohibited. If you use a sperm of a known donor, it will be shock to learn that he will be written in the birth certificate as a father.

Quality of the sperm doses can differ greatly, depending on freezing and thawing protocols, experience of embryologists and many other factors. Of course, no one will confess in poor quality and an intended parents will get the statistics by himself.

That is why we invite you to a consultation in the very center of Europe to discuss your case to avoid pitfalls.

We will tell you the peculiarities of sperm donation process in your country, choose the best variant of obtaining sperm (clinic, local or international sperm donor bank, known-donor), tell about the details which must be at the focus of your attention.

Sperm donor cost

The price for the sperm usage is not so great and depends on the source of the material. The biggest sperm donor costs will be if ordering in big international banks, the smallest – when using a friend' one. But the quality of the sperm and thoroughness of its use in legal aspect is critically important for the whole result.

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