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Donate female eggs

Egg donation is widely spread today to help women whose ovaries do not produce own eggs.

In the countries with the most liberal legislation donating eggs is anonymous and paid what is the best condition for potential donors. These countries are a magnet for intended parents needing egg donation.


But oocyte donation is possible in another countries, but with various limitations with gratuitousness of donation being the most important, for example, in France or Canada. The compensation can be provided but very small (like in UK). Such laws limit the number of intended donors and making the waiting list longer up to a year or even more. Usually a recipient does not have any choice of phenotype of a donor, its blood group or nationality – she has to take what is given.


Another option is shared oocyte programm. In this case a woman doing IVF with her own oocytes (because of hydrosalpinx, for example) presents her remaining oocytes after the treatment to another infertile woman, who pays for the cure (partly or completely). Wikipedia names this method the best in cost-effectiveness, but the cells of the best quality will be used by the donor herself.


So to be donated with female eggs is a complicated task. If you lucky to have found a woman ready to donate female eggs we advise you to consult a good lawyer to avoid fraud and misunderstanding.


Our European Center for Human Reproduction will consult you and make the expertise of your case. We will provide legal support for you protecting your interests while fertility egg donation.


It is very important to describe the process of donating and adoption to avoid any disappointment in future. With ECHR you can be sure during, within and after the treatment.

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