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Donor embryo

Donor embryo is a good alternative for the situations when donor sperm and donor oocyte is needed. After the fruitless donor insemination or therapy a couple comes to a conclusion that IVF is worth trying. Let us speak when embryo from the donor is need.


Donor embryo cost

Usually it is cheaper, but the main advantage is that the embryos have already reached a certain day of development, so they have been already cultivated up to stage suitable for donor embryo transfer. So a patient does not need to get dozen donor eggs  to get two or three embryos but buys or adopts the necessary quantity at once.


Also it is getting more and more popular to make the transfer of a single embryo which is more safe preventing from multiple pregnancy. So a patient can take only one embryo which is very cheap.


Total donor embryo costs will be cheaper than a typical egg donation program with donor sperm.


The disadvantage is that an embryo is already a combination of sperm and egg donors' genes, so the patient is limited in the choice. Very often in small clinics the assortment is poor and if you want something special then it is nesessary to move to another clinic for a good option or to organize donor embryo transfer from the bank or another center.


Our European Center for Human Reproduction based in the very heart of Europe will consult you about all the possible variants and details of using the embryos from the donor. We will speak about legislation which differs in various countries beilng prohibited in some. We will advise you a clinic or center with the best reputation. We are not connected with any and will be at your side always.


Our lawers make the expertise of your case from the medical and legal points. The contract usually rejects responsibility for the embryo quality from the clinic which conradicts the aim of the treatment for the patient.


If you need to transport embryos from a far clinic (even from another continent) to yours we can help either. Our couriers with special dry shippers will bring the precious material to the destination providing the freedom of choise.




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