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Egg donation

Egg donation is usually used when a woman cannot produce her own eggs and accepts them from a donor. The egg quality and its quantity depends mostly on age so today when women postpone pregnancy due to career, for example, donated eggs become more essential.

For single men or gay couples eggs donation is the only way to realize their right for the parenthood.

To start with, oocytes donation is not legal in some countries (Italy, Germany, Austria) or legal with limitations, depending on if the donor keeps anonymity and if she gets any compensation. Usually the more strict laws mean higher demand, and there is a shortage of donor eggs in such countries.

Also usually the egg donation clinics can offer the donors of typical phenotype for the country of residence (i.e.,Caucasian for Europe). And the choice itself usually is not rich. So reproductive tourism aiming fertility treatment becomes popular.

Egg donation cost

Egg donation prices are naturally higher than IVF-treatment with own eggs. If being treated in a country with strict legislation, a patient can save money, but lose time because of long waiting list.

The prices for this type of treatment are lower in the countries which specialize in oocyte donation thanks to liberal legislation (Mexico, Spain, Russia). But the price of tickets and hotel are added.

A patient can choose to use fresh cells or frozen ones, which can also reduce the egg donating price. Frozen cells can be bought in a small number, enough for getting embryos for one embryo transfer. Fresh donor will be more expensive but a patient gets extra embryos which can be saved for the future transfers.

The leader in cost-effectiveness is shared oocyte program when a woman in need of eggs pay for the IVF-treatment of another woman with enough own eggs. The latter gets a free cure, the first gets the remaining oocytes. The problem is that the choiсe of phenotype is absent and the oocytes of the best quality will be used by the donor herself.

Another possibility to get donor eggs is to buy them from a bank. Thus you get a great choice of many phenotypes, blood groups, nationalities, etc. The disadvantages in this case include the complexity of transporting (the oocytes must be moved in a frozen condition at the temperature of liquid nitrogen and, of course, cannot be shipped via post) and the legalizing of the cells (in UK it is HFEA, for example). If this type of treatment is prohibited, a patient can not use donor eggs banks too.

So, it is clear that process of treatment using donor eggs is rather difficult and has a lot of details.

Our European Center for Human Reproduction consults intended parents in all spheres of reproduction including donor eggs. We will choose the country with the best appropriate legislation, and a clinic with the best reputation. Being not affiliated with any clinic or center we are always at the patient' side.

We will make the expertise of your case, make the audit of the contract (which is critically important) and advise what type of treatment to choose. We have a vast experience of legal and medical support of IVF-cycles in the main countries. With us you will feel yourself safe, having learnt all the details and possible situations of eggs donating. With us you will learn everything beforehand but not in process.

If you want to bring the oocytes from abroad from a egg donor bank or specialized egg donation clinic we can help too. Our couriers will bring personally the desired samples from door to door in a special dry shipper.

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