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Donor egg cost

Today egg donation is in high demand. Usually if it is legal in some country there is a long waiting list. Even if a donor is present, the total price of the treatment is enlarged twice or even more.

So today there are a lot of donor egg agencies and individual agents who find a donor and contact her with an intended parent. Then their work is finished and a patient chooses a clinic and makes the program independently.

The price for IVF-treatment with own donor is usually very close to a standard IVF, so taking a donor from the agency is a good option. Donor egg cost becomes lower. Also the agencies offer the greater choice of phenotypes, blood groups, nationalities, etc.

On the other side an agency does not bear responsibility for the quality of eggs produced by the donor. Usually the examinations are few and concern only general but not reproductive health.

In this situation we insistently advise to pay attention to the legalization of the relations with the donor and agency. To say nothing about fraud (when, for example, donor can reject donating after the agency gets the money) it is better to clear all the details beforehand.

Our European Center for Human Reproduction is an independent consulting company. Being not affiliated with any clinic or egg donation centers we advise people how to be act in difficult cases. Taking a donor from an agency is among them.

The agency must guarantee the health of the donor, her wish to donate and work in a legal framework.

We will make the expertise of your case, make the audit of your contract and consult what to point your attention at. The intended parent must learn all the details beforehand, but not in process.

Among the most important questions are: when does the agency releases responsibility for the donor? What medical examination included in the price? And many others.

If you would like to apply to a good agency we will advise a good one with the best reputation. We have a vast experience of organizing treatment all over the world.

The cost of a consultation with a good lawyer cannot be compared with disappointment after the unsuccessful experience.

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