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Embryo adoption

When an intended parent need both egg and sperm donation, it is possible to take a ready embryo and not to fertilize an egg once more. Sometimes this practice of IVF embryo donation is more effective. Embryo donation cost can be lower than the price of a full-fledged IVF-program with egg donation. You avoid the risks of poor fertilization and are not afraid of development stopping. The fresh IVF donor program does not always results in an embryo valid for the transfer. You get the embryo with a proven development ability. The disadvantage is that you possibilities of choosing the phenotype, age, occupation of egg and sperm donor separately shorten. Nevertheless, clinics usually make typical embryos combining the most general characteristics. If you demand is not excessive the big bank can satisfy you.

To begin with we will mention that in some countries embryo adoption is among the sole methods of obtaining pregnancy for the people with severe infertility. And there are no embryos cultivated for the sale. A patient can only be presented with remaining embryos by another couple.

So an intended parent will give a look at another countries where embryo donation is possible.

There are two ways – to buy embryo and move it to the home country or to be treated abroad.

In both cases a patient intrudes into a very complicated sphere where even with honest partners the treatment may fail.

We highly recommend to consult professional independent agency before performing any steps to safeguard your time, money and hope.

Our European Center of Human Reproduction will consult you about all aspects of infertility treatment and make an expertise of your case.

If you wish to buy embryos abroad and move them to your clinic we will choose together with you the best appropriate variant, estimate its cost-effectiveness rate, will analyze the freezing and thawing protocol, organize the transportation with our own recourses, managing all affairs with customs and air company. You will be performed with embryo transfer and it will be cheaper (the price of tickets, hotel and other expences) and more comfortable for you than coming to an unknown country for embryo donation.

If you prefer to go abroad, our consultants will select the country with the best legislation of intended method of treatment and choose the best clinic. We will discuss in details the medical and legal consequences of your trip arming you with knowledge what to point attention at.

If you want to use embryo adoption we insistently recommend to consult our specialists to formalize the process of adoption correctly, or in some cases the donors can remain the  right of ownership over the embryos. Usually we speak abour frozen embryo donation, but sometimes a fresh occures too. The same applies to the donors too.

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