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Embryo donation

When speaking about donation it may happen that both sperm and egg donation is needed. The option in this case is embryo donation. It is a good alternative for those intended patients who do not have any special requirements for donors but wish to save money and have better chances for pregnancy.

Donor embryos are usually win the cost-effectiveness race with separate sperm and egg donation. When creating the embryos a patient pays for the donor stimulation and egg retrieval, sperm donation and embryological stage. The problem is that there are no guarantees when speaking about human tissues and there can be few or no valid embryos.

When purchasing donor embryos an intended parent can be sure of their viability because they have already reached certain stage of development proving its vitality and usually 2-4 are enough.

The question is where to take donor embryos. In the many countries this type of donation is limited or prohibited. Ban is clear but sometimes it is legal to adopt material from another woman after her treatment. When speaking about national embryo donation it is better to calculate all benefits and risks because it is easy to loose time in a waiting list or to get embryos of poor quality.

So if you need a donor embryo it is better to apply to a special embryo donation center in a country where it is legal.

We, European Center for Human Reproduction consults the intended parents in the most complicated cases. Using embryos donation is among them. We will choose the suitable country and a clinic with the best reputation. Our center is fully independent and only advises the ways of solving the cases.

Another option is to buy an embryo from abroad and to bring it to the country of residence. It is twice more difficult task because customs clearance and legalization is necessary. But in this case a patient does not 

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