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Sperm donation is used to overcome male fertility factor or to help a single woman or a lesbian couple to become parent. Sometimes the intended parent do not want to use donor sperm from the base of the clinic or from the sperm banks. Very often they ask a known man (friend or relative) to donate his sperm.
The reasons may be different, most often the intended parents want a baby to have a genetic link with themselves (in case of relative) or do not accept alien biological material.
The further process is simple from the medical point of view: if a potential sperm donor is health and sperm complies with the requirements, it is used for fertilization of eggs.
But the legal consequences may be different in different countries. The man assented to give sperm can find himself as a father in a birth certificate! Or, when the child reaches the full age, he can get the full information about his biological father intruding into his private life.
That is why when thinking about using known sperm donor we advise to consult an independent law firm. Our European Center for Human Reproduction will consult you about the legislation and peculiarities of each country. We are not connected with any clinic so our expertise will be fully independent. We will help you in a complicated cases, for example, when the intended patient and a donor have different citizenship or donor sperm of a known donor will be used for surrogate motherhood program.
Individual sperm donation is a difficult process full of details. We advice you to consult the professionals before starting program. We will consult you and help to choose the most appropriate country and clinic

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