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Sperm donation

Sperm donation is used generally to overcome male infertility. Also it is used to help lesbian couples and single women. This method of treatment is in high demand today.


Sometimes the sperm of a known man is used, but the majority of IVF-cases use the sperm of an anonymous donor.


Sperm donation price


Although a man can think that sperm donating is simple in comparison with egg donation, however in fact it is a difficult and lengthy process. A potential donor must be examined thoroughly, and few can comply with the demands. Then a man makes the medical tests regularly to be sure he was healthy. Also the patients want the sperm donor to be at least PhD in math and healthy simultaneously. That is why the sperm donation price is relatively high.

Thus, the number of sperm donors available is usually not so great.


If you need sperm of a donor, we recommend you not to agree with the first offer and make a choice out of three or four candidates, because usually a typical clinic face the shortage of donors. There are international sperm banks and sperm donation centers which offer the great variety of donors with different phenotypes (eyes, skin colors, hair), blood groups, education and age. Do not limit yourself and choose the most appropriate candidate from all over the world. Sometimes it is not necessary to change the clinic – the cryobanks can ship the samples internationally.


Our European Center of Human Reproduction (ECHR) will assist you in choosing the best sperm donor. We will find him and manage the details. The future baby will get half of the genes from the donor, so think of it with full responsibility.


Also, the medical procedures are extremely important. The freezing, storage and thawing of sperm play a great role on the success of IVF-treatment. Sperm with poor quality or damaged one can cancel out the efforts of the patient and physician while stimulation and egg retrieval. Sperm donation costs is a small part of cost of IVF-treatment, but precious and sometimes non-numerous eggs can cease developing because of the sperm only. We advice to appeal to sperm donation clinics with specialize in this sphere and propose excellent material. We will consult you and choose the best appropriate variant.


The laws about this type of treatment differ too. For example, in Switzerland only married heterosexual couple can use donor sperm. In France single woman or a lesbian couple will be denied when asked for treatment. In some countries the donor anonymity is secured, in other it is not.


That is why we advice to consult us when needing this type of treatment. We will help you finding the best clinic, the best donor and the most suitable country. We have a vast experience in legal aspects and solved many complicated cases. 

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