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Anonymous sperm donation is very popular today. It is used when patients face severe infertility or when a man is absent: for single women, lesbian couples.

It is possible to ask a known man to give his material but the latter can disagree or the spem can be unacceptable. Also for some people is difficult to define the relations with the donor.

So, it is widely spread to use the material got after anonymous sperm donation. It is comfortable and the qualtity is guaranteed. The patient can take the sperm from the bank of the clinic where treated or to order a sample from specialized bank.

When using a donor sperm it is not out of place to consult a lawyer to prevent the laws to become surprise. In some countries it is obligatory to uncover the identity of the donor when the child reaches full age. In Switzerland the IVF treatment using donor sperm can be made for officially heterosexual couples only.

Our European Center for Human Reproduction consults all the categories of intended patients including those who need sperm donation. We will tell you all about legislation, advise the couuntry and a clinic or agency and make the audit of your contract and case.

If you need to transport the sample from the sperm bank to your clinic we can arrange this. The banks send the material in a parcel via post what is dangerous for the sperm integrity. We will transport the sample in a special dry shipper with a courier ensuring the safety.

The demand for the anonymous sperm donors differ in various countries too. So one anonymous sperm donor who fits in one country can be poor for the another' requirements what influences the effectiveness greatly.

Our specialists will consult you about all the details of using donor sperm.

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