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Dear Sirs,

our European Center for Human Reproduction organizes the supply of donor eggs from Russia,Ukraine and Czech Republic to Europe. If you need donor oocytes but do not want to come abroad for fertility tourism due to the lack of time, wish or any other reasons, we will bring the cells to your country  directly to the clinic you are being treated in (whether it is legal).

If there is along waiting list in your country and you do not want to wait, then it is an ideal solution for you.

Below is the form where you can leave your request for donor cells. Please choose the characteristics of the desired donor. Most of our donors are Caucasian, but if you want somebody special we can help either. Also if you have a non-standard requirements write them in the “additional wishes” field. Another field which is mandatory to fill is the number of cells. We advice to order at least 5 eggs to have at the minimum 1-2 valid embryos for the transfer.

After receiving the form we will contact your clinic. We need to discuss technical details, for example, thawing protocol and what the exact list of documents will be necessary. The employees of the clinic are in charge for the abidance of the rules and laws so we want to arrange all the conditions with them.

The cells will be brought after the egg retrieval (ovum pick up) of the donor. Embryologist will freeze the oocytes and put in a special dry shipper at the temperature of liquid nitrogen. We use dry shippers made by “International Cryogenics” which keep the cold for one month. This is enough to reach any point of the world via any transport.

Then our medical courier will bring the dry shipper in hand till the doors of your clinic. He will protect it from all dangers, including X-raying in the airports.

The final cost of an oocyte will be cheaper than the total price of trip for fertility tourism.

Please, fill the form describing the desired characteristics and we will find the most suitable donor.
Please tell about yourself
We need to contact the clinic you are being treated in to arrange formal and medical questions (what tests are necessary, what protocol of thawing is used, etc.)

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