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Incapacitated patients

When speaking about incapacitated patients man can say that there are no restrictions and everyone has the same rights. That is true meaning disabled persons who are extremely rare are discriminated due to their health condition.

Treating such a patients does not have any peculiarities and can be held everywhere.

The more complicated case is when an incapacitated person is ill, for example, with a genetic disease and it cannot be overcome without pre-implantation genetic diagnostics (PGD) or egg or embryo donation. Being prohibited in many countries these methods can only help disabled persons. Very often diseases suppress the fertility and ordinary IVF can not help.

So it is competent to speak about discrimination of an intended parent because of his or her health condition. Sometimes special treatment (like PGD) is available but only approval of an ethics committee or somebody else. Most often it is banned. 

We, in  European Center for Human Reproduction, believe that everyone must have a right for parenthood.

We consult all intended parents about implementing their right. We recommend how to solve the concrete case, advising where it is available. The legislation differs greatly in different countries, so we select the most appropriate variant according to law and distance from your country of residence.

Modern medicine can overcome any infertility and prevent the transmission of majority of illnesses.

We will discuss how to manage your treatment in the best and in the cheapest way.

Speaking, for example, about genetic testing the experience of a geneticist is critically important. We will advise the one with the best reputation and healing rates.

 We believe that everybody has a right for parenthood.

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