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Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C is a very severe illness with no vaccine available causing life-threatening diseases like esophageal and gastric varices. Hepatitis C is not so widely discussed or explored but widespread with about 150 millions infected.

Sometimes it is called “silent killer” because of the signs and symptoms absence. When speaking about  pregnancy a risk of offspring infection is about 5% (with ranks being reported up to 18%).

We, European Center for Human Reproduction, believe that everybody has a right for parenthood. Meanwhile very often intended parents with Hepatitis C are not accepted for IVF-treatment. Clinics do not want to get involved with strict requirements for the labs and explain their deny with lack of lab infrastructure.

If a male partner is infected with Hep C, there are effective techniques of sperm washing thus unavailable in the most labs. Using these methods the transmission of virus is excluded.

Planning a pregnancy for a woman is closely connected with the level of Hep C antibodies. It must be cleared that this level is low enough and woman is not infectious.

Hepatitis does not affect fertility, so IVF is not necessary for fertile HIV-positive women. It must be used for infected males or when having problems with fertility. With a special treatment of virus and IVF the possibility of infecting the child can be sufficiently decreased.

Unfortunately there are very few clinics that treat Hep C positive intended parents and those who achieve results are more non-numerous.

We consult all categories of intended parents including infected with Hep C. We will tell where to apply for a successful treatment and recommend the best facility. We will make the full expertise of your case and discuss all the possible legal aspects of the treatment.

After our consultation an intended parent will learn all the pitfalls and will be able to make well-reasoned decisions.

We believe that everybody has a right for parenthood.

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