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HIV is an extremely severe disease which meant recently the ending of life for the patient to say nothing about reproduction. Nowadays thanks to the development of medicine HIV-positive people can lead a normal life.

But what about ability to have children? The World Health Organization states that all women specially mentioning HIV-positve ones have equal rights concerning reproduction. We,  European Center of Human Reproduction, fully share this opinion.

Everyone must have a right for parenthood. But people with HIV are excluded frequently from this principle.

Speaking about HIV-positive males man can say that it is possible to get a healthy child and to avoid vertical transmission of the disease. Sperm washing is a reliable procedure which clears the sperm from the virus and using such sperm for fertilization within IVF allows to avoid transmission.

When speaking about HIV-positive woman the success is not still achieved. There many ways when a mother can transmit the illness to a child (with a sole for male) including delivery, breast feeding and others. Scientists work over it but the publications are very few. Still it is reported that there are methods allowing to have a HIV-free child with HIV-positive mother.

Another problem is that the patients with HIV are often denied for treatment. When got a positive result many clinics refuse such people.

We at  European Center of Human Reproduction believe that no one can be left without treatment. We consult all categories of intended patients including HIV-positive. We will tell about the possibility of performing the treatment, advise a country and a center. With all methods available people know very few about ways and give up struggle.

We will make the expertise of your case and recommend the best way of solving your problem. Special attention is pointed to legal aspect of the treatment which is very important. Our lawyers will consult patients about all the possible details.

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