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Syphilis is one of the most severe sexually transmitted diseases. It decreases the quality of life greatly and can cause death if not treated. Speaking about reproduction man must notice that it affects fertility greatly, i.e. possibility to conceive.

When become pregnant a woman infected with syphilis can transmit the illness to a baby, causing a miscarriage, abortion or premature death.

Fortunately, this disease can be cured. Although the status of a person will keep positive for the whole life, pregnancy with a healthy offspring is possible.

If the illness was found at an early stage, it can be suppressed and will not affect the future life.

But it may happen that an intended parent needs options unavailable in the country of residence, for example, egg or sperm donation or embryo adoption.

The reproductive tourism can help, but the difficulties caused by syphilis positive status can complicate the case greatly.

Our European Center for Human Reproduction helps all categories of intended patients to realize their right for parenthood. We specialize in complicated cases, when donation, biomaterial transportation or taking several legislations into consideration is necessary.

We make a full expertise of a problem focusing on availability, cost-effectiveness rate and law implementation.

We advise where to apply and how to solve the problem in the best manner. We consult people about their reproductive rights in the whole world.

We strongly believe: everyone must have a right for parenthood.

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