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Infertility is a widespread problem with every tenth couple having problems with conception. With dividing the  causes of infertility in half for male and female factors infertility varies from slight to the most severe forms.

Today medicine can overcome any infertility and cure in a fast and painless manner.

Sometimes just drugs are necessary to get pregnant, surgery can help with more complicated cases. The real breakthrough of the last time is assisted reproductive technologies (ART) which allow to get a child for every one. Sometimes a sperm or egg donation is needed. And when all potentialities are exhausted a surrogacy is the last chance to have a baby.

Infertility has grown for 4% for the last 30 years, being a result of increasing the age of intended parents. Nowadays people postpone pregnancy willing to build a career or to live for their own pleasure and become patients of reproductive gynecologists. Both male and female infertility are growing progressively worse.  

Still a modern science has a lot of to learn. About 10-20% of infertility cases remain unexplained. And the average pregnancy rates when treating infertility using the most effective techniques is still about 40-50%.

Female infertility treatment

Although women responsible for about 40% of infertility cases (a half) the infertility treatment for them is worked through well. It includes testing and examination (ultrasound, hormone level measurement, laparoscopy) and  many others. Then drug therapy can be prescribed or surgery indicated.

But the most effective method for overcoming female infertility today is IVF. It gives an opportunity to get pregnancy in several weeks with a high probability and lowering price. Being available everywhere it has already cured millions of people. All the new methods are introduced rapidly and worldwide. 

Fertility clinic

When choosing a fertility clinic an intended parent should learn the total pregnancy rate and the success rate with the similar diagnosis. Usually the clinics are controlled thoroughly by state authorities and monitored by patients, so the results are very close when speaking about traditional IVF.

Of course, there are clinics with comfortable location, or with a well-know physician, or with attractive prices but we advice to choose a center which specializes in one sphere: male infertility, egg donation or treatment of lesbian couples.

But sometimes an intended parent faces with impossibility of realizing their right for parenthood in the country of residence. When classical IVF is not working, egg and sperm donation is the only option being illegal in the majority of the countries, to say nothing about surrogacy. A small note: sometimes donation is possible but limited and regulated so strictly that it is hard to use it.

Among prohibited procedures are sex selection, IVF for aged people, IVF for lesbian and gay couples and some others.

And in this case a selection of the clinic becomes extremely important.

Our European Center for Human Reproduction consults all categories of intended parents about their reproductive opportunities. We tell people about legislation, restrictions and peculiarities of this or that country. We can advise infertility treatment clinics or agency with the best reputation or specializing in above-mentioned cases.

Our specialization is situations involving many laws and many people. We possess a vast experience in organizing difficult treatment all over the world.

 If you have chosen already a clinic we will make an expertise of your case to give notice of possible disappointment.

We believe that everyone has a right for parenthood.

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