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Infertility test

When speaking about infertility it is important to understand that conception is a question of probability. Normally infertility is defined as the absence of pregnancy after one year of regular and unprotected intercourse.

Usually a chance to conceive is about 5-6 % per month. So it can take up to 16-20 months to get pregnancy even with both intended parents healthy and fertile.

It is very difficult for a partners to wait psychologically. In the case of infertility a couple loses time without knowing about the problems with time being extremely important for the success of treatment. So it is useful to use infertility test to understand what to do: to try and wait or apply to a doctor?

Female infertility tests

When performing test the aim is to understand the ability of a tested organ to play its part in conception.  All of them must act like an orchestra.

So these test follow the way of an oocyte.  Firstly there are ovulation tests which can be made at home (urine test or  basal temperature measuring) or in the lab (check of hormone levels). Of course, the latter is more precise.

Then, there are hysterosalpinogram (when the uterus and tubes are filled with a special liquid and then X-rayed), ultrasound (when an ultrasound sensor is inserted into vagina and the possible abnormalities of the uterus and ovaries become visible), hysteroscopy (a tube with camera is inserted into uterus and the latter is observed from inside) and many others.

Male infertility test

Male infertility tests are not so numerous. The most factual is semen analysis (when a man gives sperm with masturbation) and hormone level measurement. Physical exam is mandatory. Sometimes a genetic testing is necessary.

It is better not to wait, but to act. It is better to undergo testing and to assure that both intended parents are healthy than to lose time in vain without being aware of the problems.

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