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Today infertility is widespread. About 15% in average suffer from this problem. Modern medicine has learnt how to overcome the most severe forms and man can definitely claim that every person can get a baby.

But infertility is a general name for a complex of diseases which can be male or female, serious or easily cured. The majority of this illnesses usually accompanies mature age. Of course, there are exceptions but usually infertility in young couples can be cured with drugs or minimal surgery.

Nowadays more and more people postpone parenthood to build a career, to find the real love or simply want to live for their pleasure, starting to think about children after 30 years old. In this case many cheap and effective methods lose its effectiveness. Unfortunately, a very good option which became available just several year ago is still not claimed. Very few people save their eggs or sperm for future usage.

So an intended parent (especially a woman) looses her ability for conceive rapidly after 35. Drug or small surgery methods must be skipped. The most effective technique should be used. It is IVF infertility treatment.

IVF cost

The most frequent question is the IVF treatment cost. It is rather expensive and the correlation between cost and effectiveness in similar in different protocols. Along with the pregnancy rate which is the most important characteristic of IVF-treatment is very close in different countries. It is explained that everyone uses the same drugs, protocols and equipment. There are very few legal aspects and an intended parent can apply to any clinic. In several countries IVF is either free of charge, or covered by insurance.

But it may happen that a woman' ovaries do not produce own oocytes or she cannot carry a baby. Then we speak about  egg donation ivf. Or a woman can be single and do not have a partner. If we speak about male infertility a donor sperm can be required, to say nothing about very complicated cases with surrogacy, sex selection, gay or lesbian couples, single intended parents and others.

Faced with that sort of problem man can find that services are rather expensive and mostly illegal being prohibited or seriously restricted in the majority of the countries (for example, donor egg ivf or surrogacy). Also the ivf costs and effectiveness in the countries with liberal legislation differs greatly.

So an intended parent, certainly being a professional in his job, has to come to know the particulars of IVF treatment, finding the information on the Internet or asking friends.

We, European Center for Human Reproduction consult all categories of intended parents about legislation in the sphere of IVF all over the world. Our lawyers have a large experience of solving legal cases in many countries. We advise people how to act in the most difficult conditions.

Very often an intended parent does not even know about the possible variants of treatment abroad or shipping the biological material from another country rejecting from success that is one air flight away. We assure that every person has a real possibility to have his own baby.

We will find the best solution for your case and recommend the best country in legal aspect and the best clinic according to its reputation and our previous experience. We are in independent team of specialists in reproductive sphere and always at the patient' side.

If you need to bring your biomaterial, we can help too. Our special IVF-couriers will transport your sperm, oocytes or embryos from door to door.

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