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Gay couples

Everyone has equal rights including reproduction. But gay couples are especially in a disadvantageous  position. The only way for them to have own children is gay couple surrogacy .

The surrogate mother can be found in a private manner and become a traditional surrogate. Or she can act as common-law wife for one man. To say nothing about her imprescriptible rights for the baby and unlawfulness of surrogacy in some countries a gay couple can face simple fraud.

So the best way for a gay couple is to go to a country where surrogacy is legal and apply to a good clinic. But what country should the couple choose? What clinic or agency is the best? Where to consult about legal aspects?

Our European Center for Human Reproduction based in Prague, Czech Republic consult gay couples about possible variants of realizing the right for parenthood, advise a clinic in a suitable country. Being not affiliated with any clinic or agency we are your friend in the sphere of surrogacy.

We have a vast experience of organizing gay couple surrogacies  for the gay patient from all over the world.

If you have chosen a clinic already we will make the expertise of your contract from medical and legal point of view. Surrogacy is a very complicated deal, doubling its difficulty when speaking about gay patients. Another problem is that gay marriages are legal in one countries and surrogacy in another's. So it may require to move a pregnant surrogate, or to go to the court or to implement another uneasy affairs.

Gay patients must absolutely clearly understand all the process in details.

Our specialists will tell the gay patients about all the possible complications and problems in surrogacy for gays.

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