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Today everyone has a right to become a parent. Modern medicine has granted the possibility for everyone to have a child. Among the previously discriminated people are gays, who obtained the right to become a father.

Of course, that method is single gay surrogacy: we cannot still manage without a woman. The technology is worked through and is now is being perfected. The question is in legal part of treatment.

Surrogacy is legal in the most countries, being possible only in a few. But even there it is oriented for married heterosexual couples and usually single men are not accepted. It is a very complicated task to legalize a baby with the intended parent as a father without mentioning the surrogate as the mother.

Also egg donation is, of course, necessary.

Our European Center for Human Reproduction consults all categories of intended patients specializing in the most difficult cases. We inform people about their rights and choose the best solution for every person. We find the best country and clinic with the best reputation. Being not affiliated with any clinic or agency we will find the best variant for the every intended parent.

We will make the expertise of your case and prompt where and how to realize it.

If we speak about gay men surrogacy the legal aspect is the most difficult. How to arrange a contract? What to point attention at? How to legalize a baby? These questions will be answered by our lawyers.

We have a vast experience of organizing programs of gay man surrogacy and assume you that it is real. But we insistently advise you to consult the independent party to safe yourself from fraud and misunderstanding.

Everything must be done within legal framework, that is critically important. Otherwise an intended parent can loose time, money and hope.

No matter whether you make the program through agency or clinic, or have found a potential surrogate yourself, we advise to consult us to be absolutely sure.

And we believe: everyone must have equal rights for the parenthood.

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