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Lesbian couples

 Today thanks to the medicine development all categories of intended parents have an opportunity to realize their rights.

For lesbian couples the treatment if necessary is relatively simple. One of the woman performs IVF using donor sperm or donor embryo and gives a birth. IVF for a single woman is popular and available almost everywhere.

But the matter becomes much more complicated if we speak about lesbian couple surrogacy. The problem is that unfortunately in many countries either surrogacy or lesbian official matrimony is prohibited. That is why a lesbian couple should go the place where surrogacy is legal.

Nowadays there is a wide market of surrogate service, but designed mainly for the officially married heterosexual couples. A lesbian couple must act at its own responsibility. The main complexity is in the legal sphere. To register a baby is a real challenge.

Our European Center for Human Reproduction helps all categories of intended parents including lesbian couples to become parents. We will consult you and advise the best solution for your case.

We have a vast experience of organizing IVF-programs in many countries and have learnt the legislation thoroughly. Our specialists recommend the best appropriate country according by reputation and clinic or agency according to reputation.

When chosen one we will make the expertise of the contract and clear all the details: possible complications, total cost, the process of baby registration. It may require in some countries to go to the court to be granted with the baby. We will help you in that case either.

If you are now having or had a lesbian couples surrogacy program we will make the expertise of you program from the medical and legal point of view.

It is very useful when speaking about lesbian single and couple surrogacy to have an independent company to protect your interests. This sphere is full of fraud with the price for the mistake being ectremely high.

We believe that everybody has a right to become a parent. Surrogacy for a lesbian couple gives the opportunity for those who didn't have it yet.

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