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Today everyone has equal rights including reproduction. Despite of sexual orientation all people must have the same opprotunity to have a baby.

Today thanks to modern medicine theoretically it is possible to overcome al the forms of infertility. But because of different legislation of IVF in various countries some possibilities are blocked.

So a single lesbian who cannot have a baby due to medical reasons loses her right for reproduction.

Fortunately, there exist lesbian single surrogacy. In this case an egg is taken from a lesbian woman, fertilized with donor sperm and transferred to a surrogate mother which carries and give bith to a baby.

This is legal only in a few countries, so a single lesbian will have to go to Russia, Ukraine or India.

The price can scarry away but it is a very complicated treatment different from both medical and legal point of view.

Our European Center for Human Reproduction will consult you about the possible type of treatment and advice a country and a clinic. We will tell you in details about all eventual risks, suggest various variants. When chosen the clinic we will make the experise of the contract, terms and conditions, surrogate mother, being at your side only.

We have a vast experience of organizing the reproductive treatment all over the world for all categories of intended patients.

That type of cure is rather difficult and it is better to understand all the process beforehand. This market is full of fraud and trickery so we advise you insistently to have a consultation with independent specilalists to get a free understanding.

And we believe: everyone has an equal right to become a parent. Lesbian single and couple surrogacy provides this right.

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