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Sperm bank

When needing a donor sperm an intended parent is often not satisfied with the choice that is provided by a clinic. The requirements for the donors are rather strict and a typical clinic can provide only few donors. The paradox is that being rather simple in comparison with egg donation, sperm donating demand cuts off 99% of possible donors.

Besides, the selection of a sperm donor is very important, because he provides half of the genes for a future child. So an intended parent wish to enlarge the choice.

It is possible to ask a relative or a friend to give sperm, but there must be no selling sperm being illegal in some countries. Also this ask must be formalized, because there were cases when court forced a donor to pay the support for the offspring.

So a good variant is to buy a material in a semen bank. Such banks specialize in that service and can offer a wide choice with many characteristics.

European sperm bank

European banks are among the best. The quality of the their material is the best and the prices are relatively moderate.

The main question when buying sperm from a sperm bank is transportation. A sample must be moved safely in a frozen state in order not to lose its ability for fertilization.

Our European Center for Human Reproduction consults all categories of intended parents in the sphere of reproduction. We will clarify all the details of selling sperm samples from a European sperm banks or taking it from a relative. Our lawyers will make an expertise of your case, advise how to write a contract and inform about all hidden dangers.

If you need to bring the frozen sperm from a bank or other clinic, we can help in this case too. Our couriers will bring the material in special dry shipper at the temperature of liquid nitrogen providing safety and ability for fertilization for the sperm.

The price of donor sperm is not high, but it can spoil the whole treatment. We advise to consult our ECHR, which is fully independent, to ensure that all legal and medical aspects are foreseen.

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