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Senior patients

Very often postpone pregnancy due to some reasons. Somebody works hard building a career, another has just not met the person to have children with.

But a chance to conceive depends on age very much and already at the middle of her 30-s a woman' ability to become a mother decrease greatly. In that case IVF is the best solution allowing to overcome any form of infertility. If the ovaries stopped producing own eggs or they are not good or numerous enough then egg or embryo donation can be used, so there are no hopeless cases.

But if a woman postpones her motherhood for too long, she can leave the reproductive age. In some countries there laws regulating the maximum age for the IVF treatment. If it is absent many clinics themselves have their own policies limiting the age of patient.

For example, age limit for NHS-funded fertility treatment is 38 in Scotland and 39 in Northern Ireland.  For US clinics the age limit is between 42 and 45. The similar restrictions exist in the most countries. And what to do if the intended parents are older?

It is necessary to clear that real age cannot be taken formally being dependent on concrete health condition. Some woman cannot conceive even at 30, with the other being pregnant after the 40. The strict law does not take such details into account.

Usage of donor eggs or embryos widen the age limits for pregnancy. It is reported about women giving birth after 60. So, modern medicine can help anyone.

The answer is reproductive tourism when an intended parent goes to a country with better possibilities of treating his or her disease. So, in the case when intended parents are senior it is possible to go a facility with less strict regulation.

We at  European Center of Human Reproduction believe that everyone has a right for parenthood despite of its age, nationality, sex or any other factors. We consult all categories of intended patients about their reproductive right and advise where is the best place for solving their problem. Taking all the details into consideration we advise people the most appropriate country and clinic. We are not connected with any organization and are always at the patient's side.

The legal aspect of IVF for senior patients is extremely important. When applying to the clinic abroad a person do not know many details, learning in process.

We will tell all the pitfalls and help you to become parents. 

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