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Sex selection

Almost every couple speaking about children touches upon sex of future offspring. Often an intended parent prefer one sex to another. When speaking about religious reasons or about families with numerous children of the same sex the wish to perform sex selection becomes understandable.

Also there are genetic diseases that are inherited only by a child of specific sex. So the demand for sex selection is great.

Previously there were only unreliable methods based on timing, diet or others. Man can put up with low reliability in the case of simple preference, but speaking about illnesses that is unacceptable.

Today thanks to the development of IVF it is possible to gain 100% reliability of the choice. Beside sex it is possible to give birth only to healthy offspring free from any inherited genetic disorders.

The problem is that legislation in many countries does not allow to use sex selection or allows with conditions. Our European Center for Human Reproduction consults all categories of intended patients about sex selection. We will advise the country with the most appropriate laws and tell you about all details of sex selection implementation, both in the case of medical reasons or family planning.

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