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Family planning

Sex selection is a technology which allows to choose a sex of future child. An embryologist takes a part from an embryo (which is absolutely harmless for it) and explores it. It is possible to predict the future diseases and the sex of a concrete embryo and transfer only males or females to the woman' uterus.

In comparing with previous methods based on timing pre-implantation sex selection guarantees 100% reliability.

The demand is usually for boys, even in the USA parents wish to have a male offspring (40%) rather than female one (28%).

Sex selection for social or cultural reasons is prohibited in the majority of countries being possible only to avoid transmission of genetic disorders.

So, intended parents have to join the reproductive tourists going to the countries with less strict regulation.

We, European Center of Human Reproduction, consult all the categories of intended parents about sex selection. We will speak about possible variants and advise a country and a clinic. Being fully independent and not affiliated with any clinic we will tell about all details of organizing the program with sex selection.

Sometimes it is possible to perform IVF in one country and send the material for analysis in another one thus making the procedure less expensive.

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