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Medical reasons

Sex selection is the procedure of choosing the sex of future child. Recently it was a difficult and unclear procedure with unpredictable results. Nowadays, thanks to IVF it is simple and reliable and guarantees the result. Embryologists analyze the embryo and choose the one with the desired sex. The efficiency is 100%.

But the selection according to religious reasons or simple wish is prohibited in some countries.

Another option of this procedure called PGD is the availability to explore the genetic disorders within the embryo. Then only healthy embryos are transferred to a woman' uterus. The pleasant side-effect of this genetic testing (though unavailable in some countries) is availability to select sex.

Some genetic diseases are transmitted only to a child of specific sex. So, legislation of the majority of the countries allows to make sex selection in this case.

On the other case, simple sex selection during IVF is a routine procedure, but a thorough genetic test is performed in non-numerous clinics only, allowing to watch many diseases.

So, when performing sex selection for medical reasons,it is better to apply to a specialized lab which will not only choose sex, but make much more important thing – save a child from many illnesses.

We, European Center of Human Reproduction, will tell you about sex selection, its possibility and details. We will advise a specialized IVF-clinic experienced in PGD which are very few.

Our specialists will make the full expertise of your case and recommend in what country and what facilities to perform it. The legal part will not disturb you too. We will make the audit of your contract and point your attention on the most important details.

With us you will learn everything about sex selection for medical reasons before applying to anywhere.

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