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Single intended parents

Single people has the same right for parenthood as the couples. The reasons of solitude can be different, including widowhood, divorce or mindful choice. But a single person looses the right to be a parent. It is very difficult to adopt a child for a single person so he or she is forced to find and  arrange a agreement with the man of opposite sex being out of the legal framework or to give up hope for a child.

We, European Center for Human Reproduction strongly believe that everyone has equal rights for reproduction. No matter if you are single or married, there is a possibility to have a child.

We will make the full legal expertise of your case and advice the best and cheapest way for the implementation of your right. Speaking about single woman sperm donation is necessary, surrogacy will be used for single man. From the legal point of view both cases are very complicated, so a juridical part of the treatment is extremely important.

Please find detailed information concerning single man and woman.

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