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It is common knowledge that for making a baby a man and a woman is necessary. There is a variety of techniques designed for overcoming the most severe forms of fertility. Today modern medicine can help everybody except single man.

A single woman or a lesbian couple is welcome in the majority of the clinics. They can take donor sperm or to take a surrogate mother in the countries where it is possible. But a single man does not have any right to have a baby with his human right roughly violated.

It is possible to find a woman and arrange a gestational surrogacy but this variant is very dangerous because of possible fraud and being out of legal framework.

It means that today a single man is discriminated in one of the most important right – right to be a parent.

Until very recent times there was no possibility for a single man. Now there is. It is surrogacy for single man.

Our European Center of Human Reproduction helps single men from all around the world. We will help to organize surrogacy for single man program with surrogate mother and egg donor.  At the end of the treatment you get the baby with your name written as a father with a dash in the field “mother”.

There are several clinics in both hemispheres that make this service. Of course, it is fully legal in that countries. We will recommend the best ones and make the legal expertise of the contract which is critically important in the treatment process.

We will consult you about all the details of such program which is rather difficult and complicated. So you will be armed with knowledge and will understand the whole process. The treatment is planned for a long time so you must know what will be done in three or six months and how the child will be registered.

We will clear all your expenses to finalize the cost.

Also there is a new option offered by surrogacy clinics – organization of delivery in Europe, in a home country of an intended father. This is a bit more expensive but much more comfortable for a patient. This service demands even more attention for the legal paperwork. Our lawers will consult you about all the details and possible complications making you absolutely sure.

We believe that everybody has a right to become a parent. Surrogacy for a single men gives the opportunity for those who didn't have it yet.

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