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Today very often single women would like to have a child. The reasons why she is alone may vary, but it is usually a wise decision, because ability to produce own eggs and to carry a pregnancy decreases proportionally with age.

So a woman can freeze her own oocytes for future fertilization with a future husband or perform the IVF-treatment with donor sperm right now.

Today sperm donation is not sensation. It is worked through well and rather efficient.

There are small nuances that an intended parent should know. For example, the choice of sperm donors is usually very poor in a typical clinic. It happens because of very strict requirements for a potential donor whch few can pass. As a donor sperm chromosomes define a half of the genes of a future child (phenotype, blood group, hair and eyes color) it is possible to apply to another clinic or to a specialized sperm bank for purchasing a sample.

Another detail is legal aspect, sometimes being even more important. In Sweden, France or Switzerland, for example, sperm donation is not allowed for single women. In some Arabic countries it is totally prohibited.

It is very important to keep in the legal framework when speaking about donor anonymity. In some countries a donor cannot keep his identity in secret and there were already cases when a donor interfered in a life of an offspring.

Our European Center for Human Reproduction helps all categories of intended parents in the most difficult situations. Single woman fertilization is among them. We advise the best variant including the country with the best legislation and the clinic or agency with the best reputation. Being not connected with any IVF-facility we choose the variant which is more suitable for the patient. We inform about all legal peculiarities and situations that may happen. We will make a full legal expertise of your case and consult what should be added or excluded.

Our lawyers have a vast experience of single women IVF organization. We believe that everyone has a right for parenthood.

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