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Surrogate motherhood is a type of treatment when a surrogate mother carries pregnancy for intended parent(s). Of course, this type of treatment is used for overcoming the most severe types of infertility, when another methods are useless. Also it can be used for single men or gays, providing a chance for everyone to become parents.

–°onsciousness of the necessity of surrogate mother is difficult but this method really works having given thousands of people happiness of parenthood.

In the majority of the countries, surrogate motherhood is illegal due to religious, legal or other reasons. So, for example, patients with ablated uterus must humble with their problem and cease treatment, although having all the chances for getting a baby. Single man does not have in such situation even a theoretical possibility to have a child.

The countries, allowing surrogate motherhood are not numerous and thus became a point of attraction for desperate people, including Ukraine, India, Russia. However, the quality of treatment differs greatly in these countries.

Cost of surrogacy

Surrogate mother price is relatively high in comparison with standard IVF-treatment because it includes many more procedures, including childbirth, legal affairs, compensation of surrogate mother and others. Nevertheless, there is a constant connection between price and quality, that is why we strongly recommend not to choose the cheapest offer – you will pay twice later.

Surrogate service consists of many elements with everyone being extremely important for the general success.

Surrogacy center

A potential surrogate must be screened and examined very thoroughly to be sure she is able to carry and deliver a baby. The embryos which will be transferred to the surrogate uterus are resulted after IVF treatment, accordingly advancing requirements to an IVF-clinic. Pregnancy observation and childbirth must be done very professionally saving the child.

Legal part of the process is extremely important. Disregard of it can cancel out the full program successful in another senses. That is why a legal expert must be a competent participant of the process. Only his knowledge and experience can make probably the most difficult task – to transfer the patients as parents.

As it often occurs when speaking about expensive service, this market is filled with unprincipled people. The list of possible fraud is long, including blackmail, obtrusion of useless services and others. The price of mistake is very high, you can loose time, money, embryos and trust in success.

We earnestly advance to apply to clinics and agencies with proven success stories and good reputation.

We will help you to find the most appropriate surrogacy center, which will offer the most suitable type of treatment. Our aim is to connect the patients and the surrogacy agency. Being not affiliated with any company we are on the patient's side, choosing the best clinic, agency or legal company.

We can help even in very complicated cases, when a pregnant surrogate will be moved for delivery in another country, or intended parents have different citizenship.

 If you have chosen already a surrogacy clinic we will audit its offer, consult you with the contract and make a conclusion.

The surrogate motherhood treatment has a lot of details which are pitfalls for unsophisticated person. It is better to clear all the moments to avoid disappointment in future.

If you are now being treated we will make an expertise of the program and give an independent conclusion about your treatment.

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