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When speaking about treatment with the help of surrogate mother one of two the most popular questions is about the cost (the another is about success rate).

It is a natural wish of every patient to understand the final price and fix it preventing from extra expenses.

A great price for the surrogacy stimulates to do it even greater.  Also sometimes not only great money are under threat but health, time and hope.

Let us clear the gestational surrogacy cost.

Gestational carrier cost

The main complication is that treatment via surrogate mother includes several points: the IVF itself, the surrogate search, her examination, her expenses compensation,  drugs, delivery organisation, legal service. Sometimes egg or sperm donation can be required, if the pregnancy results in twins or  come to a complications, it will cost more.

So, all these points being rather expensive form the great gestational carrier costs.

There is a great place for fraud and unfairness. Very often surrogate agencies involve potential patients with low prices hiding, for example, delivery organizing or legal service. And when a patient seduced by the interesting offer enters the program, they shock him or her with great extra fees.

Nevertheless sometimes the price in one region can be twice lower than in another country depeding on many factors. Or the agency can have more surrogate candidates than patients and propose a discount.

Our European Center for Human Reproduction consults the intended parent about all the aspects of third-party reproduction. We are independent consulting company telling the patients about all the aspects of surrogacy treatment. Our specialists have a great experience of organizing the programs all over the world and know all the possible legal aspects of surrogacy.

We will tell you about all hidden expenses, make the expertise of your case arming you with knowledge beforehand. You must be aware of the whole process with no unknown conditions.

We are not affiliated with any clinic or agency. Our mission is to be on intended patient' side.

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